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AkaDako Extension

AkaDako Firmware

You can check the version of AkaDako’s firmware by clicking board version
Note that we do not distribute the AkaDako’s firmware, nor do we provide the environment to upgrade the firmware.


  • Fixed a problem that occurred in 0.0.1 in the ultrasonic distance sensor.


  • Compatible with ultrasonic distance sensor.


  • If the value in the “Distance by ultrasonic on Digital A (cm)” or “Distance by ultrasonic on Digital B (cm)” block is monitored simultaneously with the value in another block for AkaDako (e.g., “Value of analog A (A1)” block) with no ultrasonic distance sensor connected to the corresponding port, the value in the other monitor becomes 0.
  • If the block for the ultrasonic distance sensor above is monitored simultaneously with the blocks for “environmental I2C temperature (°C)”, “environmental I2C pressure (hPa)”, and “environmental I2C humidity (%)” blocks, the value of these I2C block is set to 0 when the ultrasonic sensor is connected.

AkaDako’s board

The version of the board is stamped on the upper backside of the board.