Before purchase

How can I buy AkaDako?

What and where can I purchase Grove devices to connect to AkaDako?

  • You can check the AkaDako Grove list. We are in the process of testing Grove devices in AkaDako and plan to add more in the future. For devices not listed, the AkaDako extension provides bit operation blocks and other functions to process I2C data. If you know of a device that is not on our Grove’s list but has been confirmed to work, please let us know via contact page. We will add it to the list.

After purchase

Cannot connect to AkaDako.

USB cable issues

  • When connected to Scratch, the LED near the USB connector is always on. When not connected to Scratch, it will blink periodically. If the LED is off, the USB cable may be disconnected.
  • If your USB cable is a charge-only cable, it will not work with AkaDako.

OS and browser issues

  • Operation cannot be guaranteed if you are using an OS or browser other than the operating environment.

Connecting in other tabs of the browser

  • AkaDako cannot connect to multiple tabs in your browser.
  • If you open Scratch in another tab and connect to AkaDako, you will not be able to connect.
  • An icon will appear on the tab you are connected to.
  • If you want to disconnect from AkaDako in other tabs of Scratch, close the tabs or click disconnect board

Even though I checked the box next to “value of Digital XX” block, the value displayed on the monitor is always 0.

  • The digital terminal switches to write mode once any writing is performed. Once the mode is switched, the value displayed on the monitor is always 0.

I inserted a sensor in digital A, but I don’t know whether to use “Digital A (A1)” or “Digital A (A2)” block in the program.

  • The Grove standard allows two signals to be controlled with one cable. Normally “Digital A (A1)” is fine, but some devices may use A2.

It seemed to be getting the sensor values, but now it keeps returning 0.

  • For some I2C sensors, disconnecting and reconnecting the Grove cable during measurement may result in a value of 0. In this case, click disconnect boardonce to reconnect.
  • For blocks with a check box indication on the left, there are cases in which turning the check box ON/OFF while referring to it in the program will result in data 0. In this case, please clickdisconnect boardonce and reconnect.

Does it work with Windows 8?

  • It is possible to use AkaDako, although it has been deprecated due to an event that was confirmed to cause it to be unrecognizable. A driver may be required depending on the version of the AkaDako board.

The light sensor returns the same analog value all the time.

  • In some cases, due to the specifications of the light sensor, measurements cannot be taken in bright environments.

One Wire Temperature Sensor first indicated 85 degrees.

  • This is due to sensor specifications. If this is a concern, create a program to discard the data acquired at the beginning.